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Celebrating Creston Valley Fall Fair 100 Years in 2018 - "Blossom to Harvest"

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"Farm Trucks and Transport - featuring our 1947 Maple Leaf"

Courtesy Creston Museum

We will be showcasing our 1947 Maple Leaf truck, which hopefully will be our parade float, too, and the role of transportation in agriculture.
Maple Leaf Chevy Truck

On the Road Again (Maybe)

Back in the summer of 2016, we got a very exciting offer: a 1947 Maple Leaf flat-deck truck. It's now at the Museum and we would love to get it running! We have volunteer mechanics lined up and itching to get started; we have the offer of a shop to work in (thank you Walt Pozniak); we have the lumber (donated by Canfor) to rebuild the deck. All we need is about $5,000 for the parts. If we can come up with that, we will have this wonderful piece of local history rolling (and stopping, too) in time for the 2018 Blossom Festival parade.
Maple Leaf, for those of you who are not classic-car experts, is a Canadian version of a Chevy. Following the Second World War, there was a very strong spirit of patriotism, a growing sense of nationalism, and a desire to stimulate the Canadian economy and support Canadian industry through the transition back to peacetime production. Yes, that's a mouthful - what it means is, there were a whole bunch of new rules governing trade between Canada and other countries, and Canadians were all for that. So Chevrolet, in an effort to appeal to this new Canadian nationalism, stuck an iconically Canadian name on its trucks - and the Maple Leaf model was born (or, to be more accurate, reborn: the brand had been around since 1933, but even then was probably a response to Depression-era economic protectionism).
This particular one was purchased new in 1947 by Sid and Osmund Bell for use on their farm properties in the Creston Valley. One was their orchard property at the top of 16th Avenue North; there, the truck was used to haul boxes of fruit, especially apples, to the packing sheds in central Creston. They also had farms on the flats west of Creston, and used the truck to haul grain and livestock. At one time, there was a large iron ring bolted to the deck to tie bulls for transport to other farms and other communities.

Unloading Grain at Pipers Farm

unloading grain piper farm

Derry Brothers 1921 Model-T Truck

1921 Model T

Congratulations to the Blossom Festival

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Blossom Festival 2017 Thankyou's

thank you 2017

Citizen of the Year 2017

Bill and Dorathy Pfeifer have joined an illustrious line of Creston Valley residents whose contributions have earned them the title of Citizens of the Year. The announcement was made during Friday night’s Blossom Festival opening festivities at Prince Charles Theatre. “It’s an honour to recognize these two very fine people,” said Gary Teed, president of the Creston Valley Rotary Club, which sponsors the award. The Pfeifers, who will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in August, were raised in Rosetown South Australia, and moved to Creston in 1971 when Bill took ownership of the Ford dealership, which became Pfeifer Ford. Bill became a Rotarian in 1975 and in 1992 was a charter member of the Creston Valley Rotary Club. Many of his community activities have centred around Rotary projects. Just last year, at the tender age of 83, he was the lead organizer in a $141,000 upgrade at Centennial Park, which included construction of the Rotary Pavilion and new public washrooms. He coordinated the efforts of 900 person-hours of volunteer labour. Parks are a major passion, and in 2000 he was a major force when the Creston Valley Rotary Club constructed Millennium Park. He also organizes the club’s annual block party, in which members cut, split, load and deliver firewood to raise funds for community projects. He has also served annual Drive FORE Rotary, a golf tournament fundraiser. Bill has been active as a volunteer with the Creston Golf Club, too, serving as chair of the building committee, which constructed the clubhouse in 1982-83, and was project manager when the “back nine” project that turned the golf club into a highly regarded 18-hole course. Other involvements include the Creston Car Club, Creston Valley Gleaners, the curling club and junior hockey. Bill’s son, Gavin, told the Citizen of the Year nominating committee a story about his dad. “I was golfing in Radium last summer and met a gentleman from Southern Alberta. When I told him my name he asked if I was from Creston. After telling him yes, I had grown up in Creston, he asked if my dad was ‘Bill’. He went on to say that he played a season for the Creston Valley Thunder Cats. As a very troubled teen, he was headed down several wrong paths but he said that after talking with my dad on several occasions he decided to make his life better. He now has a family and a career. He credits Dad solely with changing his life.” Neighbours of Pfeifers are often beneficiaries of his generosity, when after a snowfall he can be found plowing driveways as far as four miles away. Dorathy Pfeifer became a teacher after graduating from high school in Rosetown. In addition to supporting her husband in the many projects he has spearheaded, she also has a lengthy list of community involvements. For years, Dorathy was known as Mrs. Minor Hockey, and she and Bill billeted numerous junior hockey players. She served on the executive of Creston Valley Minor Hockey. When the golf clubhouse was being built Dorathy and other members of the Ladies’ Club operated a shake mill and made cedar shakes for the roof. The women also painted and decorated the completed building. An avid golfer, she has held had many positions with the club. Dorathy put her teaching qualifications to use in Creston, working as a substitute at PCSS for many years, and was an active member of the Creston Curling Club. She was Red Cross volunteer, sewing articles for fundraising sales. From 2004-2015 she was a Gleaners volunteer, working tirelessly to improve the operation. In recent years Dorathy has made and served breakfast for the Creston Valley Rotary Club’s program at Erickson Elementary School. She continues to work with the Food Bank, helps out with United Church lunches and, with Bill, remains active with the Christmas hamper program. “The Rotary motto is Service Above Self,” Teed said. “Bill and Dorathy certainly exemplify this, as they both go out of their way at the drop of a hat, to help friends, family or community. They are always willing to lend a helping hand. It is our privilege to honour Bill and Dorathy Pfeifer as Creston’s Citizens of the Year”.
citizen 2017

Junior Citizen 2017

BY LORNE ECKERSLEY Advance staff In the nomination form for the Creston Rotary Club’s Junior Citizen of the Year is a list of five qualifying categories are listed. This year’s winner, Matthew Lengyell, is a rare young man who meets all the criteria. On Friday night at Prince Charles Theatre, Creston Rotary Club’s president-elect Mike Fitzpatrick presented Lengyell with the honour and summarized the PCSS student’s many qualities. Fitzpatrick said that only the passage of time prevented the committee from considering Lengyell’s act of heroism. In 2013, he and a friend were recognized by Creston Town Council for saving the life of a neighbour after coming across a fire. “Since the fifth grade, Matthew has volunteered with packing Christmas hampers and can be heard encouraging anyone who listens to come help in the season,” Fitzpatrick said. “He says he could do or have nothing else at Christmas as long as he has the spirit that he gets from helping others. That’s all anyone needs.” Lengyell also volunteers at community and church events like the trade fair, volunteer bank, fall fair, picker’s lunch and Blossom Festival parade (although this year he was honoured with a seat in a fire truck) “and assists with his leadership skills—the young kids all follow his lead.” A leader by example, “Matthew makes helping others look so enjoyable and easy. He engages and encourages the efforts of his peers and younger kids; he is outgoing and affectionate, and shows courage in giving direction even it it’s not the ‘popular’ way to go,” Fitzpatrick said. Lengyell is following his father’s footsteps, volunteering as a junior firefighter and is an active volunteer with the Creston Valley Thunder Cats and the Erickson Covenant Church youth group. He also works with students with special needs—he has Irlen syndrome, a perceptual processing disorder, and can identify with their individual challenges. “Matthew is a young man of his word—very conscientious and keeps his promises, Fitzpatrick said. “He is committed to his various jobs and works diligently. He’s well liked by people of all ages who know him to be attentive, polite, sensitive to others and has a great sense of humour.”
junior citizen 2017

participACTION Canada

Blossom  while at the Creston Trade Show this weekend of May 5th 2017, the Creston & District Community Complex staff had some sports equipment out  - it was time to have a little fun and use a hula-hoop, it is on ParticipACTION Canada's 150 Play List.

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150 Years

2017 Town Hall poster

Student Art Show-blossomfest 2016

The 75th Creston Valley Blossom Festival will feature a high school student art show. Student art pieces will be showcased Blossom Festival weekend May 20-24. Paintings, multimedia, and ceramic pieces will be on display in various venues throughout the downtown core.
Prince Charles Secondary School art teacher Karin Hawkins anticipates a variety of art works including 3 dimensional ceramic pieces.
Says Ms Hawkins, "My art classes are looking forward to the Blossom Fest student art show.  It is an event that honours their creativity, and personal growth."

Cherry Chuckwagons

The 75th Creston Valley Blossom Festival Parade will include mini chuckwagons based on the real thing, these chuckwagons are scaled-down models made from local wooden fruit boxes, pulled by four people, one driver onboard, and two cyclists riding along side (7 people).cherry chucks 2016 blossom festivalThey race in a figure eight pattern, around barrels. Participants compete for prizes in several categories including best time and best team costumes! Proceeds this year will benefit housing for persons with disabilities, specifically at Spectrum Farms.chuck kid ride 2016
On the initial test run May6, 2016 Mike says; "It was a tremendous pleasure to see young people have so much fun running our first tests of the wagon. After the Blossom Festival we will experiment in Racing with go-pro helmet camera's and possibly a drone for an aerial view. "
For more information contact Mike Fitzpatrick 250-435-2490 or email

New and Old at Blossom Fest 75

by Hugh Johnstone

This year will be no ordinary Blossom Festival, organizers and area residents will be celebrating the 75th edition of the popular event.

It all begins on Friday, May 20 in the Prince Charles Theatre. Local dignitaries will officially kick off the festival. The Rotary Club will introduce the 2016 Citizen of the year. This year they will also present the Junior Citizen of the year.

The Stage Show is an important part of the opening ceremonies and following up on the success of last years successful Johnny Cash tribute show is a salute to the British Invasion, the fabulous Beatles.
The show will feature Vancouver group, FAB FOUR FOREVER, bringing the sixties back to life. They can’t do every Beatle tune, it would take all night, but this act complete with Beatle outfits and sound should please the fans of the British super group. From “I want to hold your hand,’ to ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Band,” should be a fun night. Tickets are on sale at Black Bear Books and the Chamber of Commerce.

Saturday’s 75th Mammoth Parade will be a tribute to the past and present in the Creston Valley. Many of the past Festival Queens have been invited to ride in the parade. We are looking for a record number of floats showing Creston’s past, present, and future. You had better line up early to get the best viewing spot.

Being introduced this year is a series of Miniature Chuck Wagons. Instead of horses, humans will be pulling the chucks. As more chuck wagons come on board, and as the interest grows, the mini chucks could be a major event here.blossom fest 2016

In bringing the 75th together, a Homecoming Dinner, reception and dance is slated for the Creston Room at the Recreation center. You are invited to bring friends and book a table. Enjoy an evening of entertainment/history with special honours to the former Blossom Festival Queens. This event will give both present and former area residents an opportunity to renew friendships. Tickets are available at Black Bear Books, Creative Fix, and the Chamber of Commerce.

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The Lions Club organised the first Blossom Fest in 1942, and its success encouraged the club to repeat the project in 1943—and every year since, with a Blossom Fest Queen contest added in 1945. cont. article on the about page.


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