Blossom Festival News 2018

Celebrating Creston Valley Fall Fair 100 Years in 2018 - "Blossom to Harvest"

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Parade Entry Winners

  • Best Non-Commercial – CRESTERAMICS
  • Best Commercial – Mad Dog Electric / Creston Valley Quilters
  • Best Out of Town – Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce
  • Best Street Rod – Creston Valley Cruisers
  • Best Antique Car – Creston Museum
  • Best Costume, Group & Hitch (Equestrian) – Kootenay Meadows

Congratulations to the winner of the Button Draw, the Creston Hotel / Jimmy’s Pub.  $500
blossom festival 2018

Citizens Awards

Ethan Greentree was awarded Creston Valley's Junior Citizen of the Year at the opening ceremonies of The Creston Valley Blossom Festival on Friday evening. Presenting the award was Creston Rotary Club President Mike Fitzpatrick
ethan greentree

Eric and Donna Kutzner were the Creston Valley's Citizen's of the Year for 2018.

Creston Lions Chili Feed

Today May 20th, 2018 Mother Nature smiled in Creston with 25+, sunshine, soft breeze as the Creston Lions served up their Chili Feed at their yearly location on Canyon Street /12th Avenue at the Classic Car Show for the 77th Creston Valley Blossom Festival.
lions cooking

Just across the street from the Lions was where Robin Elliot - an amazing DJ once again - playin' n' spinnin' the classic tunes for all the entire day - thank you! People enjoyed the music, eatin' n' chili' n' dancin' n' cruisin' up and down the street for over three (3) blocks admiring all the classic vehicles.

Thanks for your support to our local Creston Lions Club - Chili Feed. See you next year!
sunday car show


The talented Bibby sisters contributed to Saturday's street festivities by busking on Canyon Street
Bibby Sisters

Entertainment in Millenium Park

teen dance

"Farm Trucks and Transport - featuring our 1947 Maple Leaf"

Courtesy Creston Museum

We will be showcasing our 1947 Maple Leaf truck, which hopefully will be our parade float, too, and the role of transportation in agriculture.
Maple Leaf Chevy Truck

On the Road Again (Maybe)

Back in the summer of 2016, we got a very exciting offer: a 1947 Maple Leaf flat-deck truck. It's now at the Museum and we would love to get it running! We have volunteer mechanics lined up and itching to get started; we have the offer of a shop to work in (thank you Walt Pozniak); we have the lumber (donated by Canfor) to rebuild the deck. All we need is about $5,000 for the parts. If we can come up with that, we will have this wonderful piece of local history rolling (and stopping, too) in time for the 2018 Blossom Festival parade.
Maple Leaf, for those of you who are not classic-car experts, is a Canadian version of a Chevy. Following the Second World War, there was a very strong spirit of patriotism, a growing sense of nationalism, and a desire to stimulate the Canadian economy and support Canadian industry through the transition back to peacetime production. Yes, that's a mouthful - what it means is, there were a whole bunch of new rules governing trade between Canada and other countries, and Canadians were all for that. So Chevrolet, in an effort to appeal to this new Canadian nationalism, stuck an iconically Canadian name on its trucks - and the Maple Leaf model was born (or, to be more accurate, reborn: the brand had been around since 1933, but even then was probably a response to Depression-era economic protectionism).
This particular one was purchased new in 1947 by Sid and Osmund Bell for use on their farm properties in the Creston Valley. One was their orchard property at the top of 16th Avenue North; there, the truck was used to haul boxes of fruit, especially apples, to the packing sheds in central Creston. They also had farms on the flats west of Creston, and used the truck to haul grain and livestock. At one time, there was a large iron ring bolted to the deck to tie bulls for transport to other farms and other communities.

Unloading Grain at Pipers Farm

unloading grain piper farm

Derry Brothers 1921 Model-T Truck

1921 Model T


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The Lions Club organised the first Blossom Fest in 1942, and its success encouraged the club to repeat the project in 1943—and every year since, with a Blossom Fest Queen contest added in 1945. cont. article on the about page.


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